Tenafly school officials: Kids are playing deadly ‘pass out’ game

PUBLIC SAFETY (VIDEO): Tenafly officials are warning middle school students and parents about the local emergence of the “Pass Out Game,” a dangerous practice in which kids deliberately faint, triggering a quick buzz.

Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot File Photo
Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot

“In the ‘game,’ kids hyperventilate for one to two minutes, causing a state of hypocapnia, then stand up and pass out,” a letter to parents from Tenafly Middle School administrators says.

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Once they come to, they briefly feel euphoric.

“During hypocapnia, the individual will enter a state of euphoria,” the letter adds, “and while that high will only last a minute or so, it can feel like hours.”

“Medical experts warn that depriving the brain of oxygen even for short periods of time can result in long-term brain damage, brain death, seizures, strokes, cardiac arrest or in some cases even death.”

ABC-TV  quoted a doctor who called it “a game of roulette with your brain cells.”

“You can have serious neurological disabilities and defects ranging from memory loss to even death,”  Dr. Wesley Thek said (see below).

Reported deaths have included a 17-year-old boy from Minnesota and a 15-year-old in California who died after he punctured a main artery in his neck when he fell on a drinking glass.

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