Recycled Tennis Balls Make Courts Squishier At Tenafly Racquet Club

TENAFLY, N.J.– The courts at Tenafly Racquet Club are squishier, and General Manager Geoff Grant knows why: they're partially made of recycled tennis balls.

Recycled tennis balls are used for the courts at Tenafly Racquet Club.

Recycled tennis balls are used for the courts at Tenafly Racquet Club.

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Photo Credit: Cannon Fletcher

"It really cushions your joints," Grant told Daily Voice. "It gives me the sense of feeling stronger out there because there isn't pain."

Last year, Courtsense at Tenafly Racquet Club became the first tennis facility in the country to use Laykold Masters 5 courts, a high-performance, all-weather tennis and athletic surfacing system according to Surface America. 

“Those that find hard courts to be difficult on their hips, knees and back will be pleasantly surprised by the difference the surface will have on their body," said Courtsense Founder and Managing Director Gordon Uehling. "It's fun to play on." 

Grant, an admitted " happy recipient of these beautiful courts," said that members and other coaches have noticed the difference as well.

"Your feet feel fresher," Grant said. "They aren't experiencing the same aches and pains."

But it takes time to notice, he said.

"It's definitely a process," Grant explained. "The court has to have enough rigidity to give you a true bounce. You can feel a little bit of give but it's also not so spongey. If it was too spongey it wouldn't be playable.

"It's been very durable," he added. "And it's a big plus environmentally." 

To see the process and for more information, watch the video above. 

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