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Police foundation honoring physician who treats headaches, facial pain without drugs, surgery

Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot File Photo
Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot
Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot
Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot
Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot

When Dr. Ira Klemons decided to devote his life to eliminating headaches and facial pain four decades ago, he couldn’t have imagined that nearly 38 million Americans would later be found to be sufferers.

At the time, the most common approach involved medications, all of which have side effects, and surgery, which carries its own risks.

Klemons has built a different approach at the Center for Headaches and Facial Pain. It’s brought relief to tens of thousands of patients – many of them police, firefighters and other emergency responders who have come in with headaches, migraines, face pain, jaw pain, ear pain, eye pain dizziness, tinnitus, throat pain and twitching, among other ailments, he says.

It’s also bought him an enormous number of personal and professional accolades. Among them is the Distinguished Member of the Year Award from the National Police Defense Foundation’s State Troopers Coalition.

With his knowledge of orthopedics of the head and face, a comprehensive understanding of jaw function and decades of experience, Klemons has managed to “alleviate pain even in highly complex cases involving patients who previously suffered for as long as 60 years.”

Treatment at his South Amboy-based center involves painless procedures that help stimulate muscles and joints to function normally, decrease spasms, remove toxic waste products and increase blood flow and nutrition to the affected areas.

Therapies include low-current electric stimulation to reduce muscle spasm and stimulate healing, ultrasound for deep tissue heating, moist heat, and cold therapy, as well as a variety of removable orthopedic appliances.

“I knew I made the right choice when patients began telling me that we gave them back their lives,” Klemons said. “It became even more exciting when people began traveling here from every continent around the world and almost every state in the U.S.A.

“I could not be happier that I have been given the privilege to help so many people from around the world.”

As Klemons explains it: Headaches and face pain are nearly always a result of an injury or dysfunction involving muscles, ligaments or joints.

Most involve muscle contraction and spasm, producing pain in the head, face, neck, in or around the eyes, ears and throat, as well as difficulty swallowing, blurring vision and dizziness. The most common symptom is a chronic, severe headache.

The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain aims to discover the cause, help patients heal and eliminate the need for drugs.

For those who cannot find an answer from family physicians, neurologists, ear, nose and throat specialists, or pain-management specialists, “the probability is more than 90% that the pain and other symptoms will be gone when we complete treatment,” Klemons said.


The volume of testimonials attests to the program’s effectiveness.

“I had pain in my head, face, and behind my eye that I couldn’t even understand because I never had anything like it before,” one patient said. “I was so dizzy that I could hardly function. I spent most of my day in a confused, diminished state and lost so much productivity and wondered whether I was crazy or lazy. Every day I had to lay down and nap for several hours.

“Now that the pain is gone, I’m able to do so much,” she added. “When I see new patients in the reception room, I just want to tell them: ‘It’s going to be ok!’ ”


Klemons said his center has helped thousands of others eliminate (click on the one that applies to you or your loved one):

Face Pain
Jaw Pain/TMJ Pain
Eye Pain
Ear Pain
Sinus Headaches
Difficulty Swallowing
Frequent Sore Throats

Adverse reactions from drugs and various device reactions create huge risks in treating those conditions.  Only half of newly discovered side-effects are made public within seven years of drug approval, Kemons noted.

“In other words, the fact that a medication has been used for many years does not automatically make it safe,” he said.

“That’s not to say that we disagree with the use of medication. We prescribe them too,” Klemons said. “However, they should be used for short periods while awaiting healing and not as a means of covering-up the problem.”

Klemons’ patients have come from:
The Center for Headaches and Facial Pain accepts referrals from physicians and other professionals but will also see individuals who come in on their own. The office, Klemons said, is “large, comfortable and modern,” with a staff of 30 professionals, including three additional physicians.

Among many other distinctions, he said, the center has been approved by the U.S. government to provide advanced training to physicians and dentists in head and facial pain and TM joint disorders.

While noting that the center’s approach “dramatically reduces the overall cost of diagnosis and treatment,” Klemons said, “we are particularly attuned to refer to other types of doctors in cases where we believe that the patient will benefit from treatment elsewhere.”

Klemons holds two doctorates, including the first in the world in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches, facial pain, and related problems. He has lectured at medical schools and hospitals worldwide, appeared on national television and radio interviews, and completed 5,000 or so hours of post-graduate courses involving treatment of headaches and facial pain.

Klemons also has published various articles on head and facial pain in medical journals and been elected president or other officer of several professional organizations involving the treatment of head and facial.

He has practiced in Appalachia and in some of the United States’ most depressed urban slums, and traveled to the Himalayan Mountains to treat needy Tibetan villagers, creating a makeshift clinic with an operating table made of wooden planks and instruments sterilized in huge pots of boiling water.

The New Jersey State Senate also has cited him for an “outstanding record of professional excellence and praiseworthy service to others.”

Klemons, a lifetime member of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers PBA, will be honored with a Safe Cop Achievement Award by the NPDF’s State Troopers Coalition at its Oct. dinner at the Venetian in Garfield. For tickets and/or information, CLICK HERE: 2013 NPDF State Trooper Coalition Dinner



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