Strong tips to avoid becoming a sex assault victim

PUBLIC SAFETY: Dumont police are seeking the public’s help in an investigation of three incidents of women targeted by predators, and are urging women to be careful if they’re out walking alone. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim.

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YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: A 22-year-old illegal immigrant from Bergenfield has been charged in a string of assaults on women in Dumont and Englewood and is on his way to the Bergen County Jail, CLIFFVIEW PILOT has learned. Bail is set at $400,000. READ MORE….

First and foremost: Do your best to
be accompanied on the street at night — but if you aren’t, never head into a remote area alone.

Have a plan:

Know exactly what you would do if something happens.

Experts say victims are created by a lack of awareness. You must always know where you are and what’s going on around you. No texting, listening to music or talking on the cellphone while walking — or while getting into your car.

In fact, be sure to look around before getting into your car — and that includes looking inside the vehicle, as well. If you find a large van parked next to you, get in through the passenger side.A

Some more tips:

If you’re leaving a mall or other business, it is OK to ask a police officer or security guard for an escort.

If you’re the “closer” of a business, be absolutely sure you have someone there with you. DO NOT leave alone. An Englewood woman on her way to deposit thousands of dollars in business receipts was recently mugged in broad daylight.

Body language matters. Keep your head up straight, swing your arms.

Be careful where you go. That means not walking alone in alleyways or unlit sections of either sidewalks or streets.

Always keep your distance from strangers.

Keep your cellphone ON and readily available.

Always take the elevator instead of the stairs. Just be sure to check the elevator first — and stand right up by the doors in case you have to get off fast.

If you are attacked, run and scream “FIRE!” Yes…. People are more apt to pay attention. It’s a fact.

Run around obstacles, such as cars. Most attackers will give up.

Finally, with all hopes that you will never need this: If you’re approached by someone with a gun, run immediately and as fast as you can. Those who would actually try and fire aren’t hitting anything from more than 3 feet away — and that’s if the target isn’t moving.

The average person WALKS 5 feet per second, so RUN.

If you have no other choice (and this is only if you have no other choice): Punch directly in the throat or kick hard in the knees. Be certain, though. No wild swings.

If you become a victim, or see anything, dial 911 immediately.

If you have information about the Dumont incidents, call the local PD: (201) 387-5000

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