Middle school trick play one for all-time football highlight reel

Although CLIFFVIEW PILOT is local and loyal, sometimes something from out of area passes the radar that simply can’t be ignored: Such was the case of the baby-faced quarterback with the amazing fake-out.

Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot
Photo Credit: YouTube

UPDATE: Middle School ‘hidden brains’ trick more like it


: Who doesn’t love a good trick play at a football game? The other team, that’s who. Might be a lesson for us all…. CLICK HERE

Late in a middle school championship game in Corpus Christi, Texas, with his Driscoll Middle School team down 6-0 to rival Wynne Seale, the EIGHTH GRADER louldly told his teammates that that referees who had just penalized them were making off another 5 yards.

No wrong.

The center, who was in his stance along with the other players, reached over his left shoulder and handed quarterback Jason Garza the ball as players on both sides stood there, frozen.

The rest is here:

As it turned out, assistant coach John Delosantos created the play, and everyone on the team was in on it.

The kicker is that there was no kick after the score — no point of any sort in fact. So if kissing your sister is your idea of a good time, this was the game for you. It ended 6-6.

However, it has meant instant celebrity for Garza, his coach and teammates. No one has paid much attention to the patsies, though.

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