Sharpen Your Knives With Valley's 'Clean' Cooking Series

RIDGEWOOD, N.J. -- Clean eating is a lifestyle that can help maintain a healthy physique and mind. Beginning in March, Valley’s Center for Integrative Medicine will begin hosting two series of classes on cooking and eating “clean.” 

Learn to eat clean with a new cooking workshop from Valley Hospital.
Learn to eat clean with a new cooking workshop from Valley Hospital. Photo Credit: Contributed

The classes will be taught by internationally trained chef and New Jersey resident Carrie Weiss and will take place in a brand-new teaching kitchen at the Center, which is located at 1200 E. Ridgewood Ave. West Wing, 3rd. Floor in Ridgewood.

Eating “clean” fuels the body with high-quality foods such as fruits, raw and cooked vegetables, sustainable fish, lean grass-fed and organic animal proteins, healthy fats, nuts and seeds and certain complex carbohydrates. Additionally, eating healthy foods can help the body to function properly and increase immune system performance.

In the Deliciously Clean Gourmet Cooking Series, Carrie will teach participants to make 4-6 different recipes during each class. All of the recipes, which are designed to fit into busy schedules and help to establish nutritious eating habits, will be created with the freshest, organic, sustainable, and wholesome ingredients possible. The recipes will also be provided to participants to take home with them after each class. Examples of the dishes participants will learn to prepare include crispy French roast chicken and vegan soups and lasagna. The Deliciously Clean Gourmet Cooking Series will take place on Tuesdays from March 8 to April 12 from 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The Zen and the Art of Healthy Entertaining Cooking Series will incorporate the same principals as the Deliciously Clean Gourmet course, but will focus on food presentation and the art of entertaining. Participants will learn how to create hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, as well as how to set up an inviting buffet filled with delicious and appetizing food. There will be an opportunity to taste everything that is prepared during the class. Carrie will also teach participants a simple meditation to help them to relax before cooking and prior to the guests’ arrival. The Zen and the

Art of Healthy Entertaining Cooking Series will take place on Thursdays from March 10 to April 14 from 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Classes are limited to 20 people and must be paid for by at least a day before the class. The fee for each six-class series is $600 or $110 per individual class. To register or for more information, call Ellen Mangano at 201-389-0075