Off To The Races: Renewal By Andersen Replaces Old Windows In Record Time

NEW JERSEY -- Adding new windows is an easy way to increase a home's curb appeal and accent its unique architecture. Thanks to the design and installation experts at Renewal by Andersen, this process doesn't need to be a long one, as houses can go from drafty to sealed in a matter of hours.

Speed is the name of the game for Renewal by Andersen, as shown in this time lapse. The installation experts were able to set over 60 windows in just four days. Photo Credit: Renewal by Andersen of Long Island

With many windows purchased from box stores or third party home improvement retailers, an installer is needed for project completion. Despite using even the most vigilant contracter, the slightest mishaps in installation can result in cracked joints, unintentional glass or frame damage and result in a voided warranty. In these instances, days can lead into weeks and window projects become a blame game between manufacturers and installers. That's why when looking for speed and ease of installation, nobody comes close to Renewal by Andersen.

For Renewal by Andersen customers, the installation process begins with extensive prep work. The team starts by covering the entire work area with protective drop clothes and begins carefully removing the old window. After it's removed and disposed of, the crew insulates and inspects the frame, ensures the new window opens and closes properly, and sets it in place. Once the window installation is completed, the team then cleans the windows, removes all residual debris, and provides the homeowner with a complete walkthrough and maintenance tips. Most installations are completed the same day, and by the time the install team is done the new windows are the only sign they've been there. Should there be any issue with the windows, a week, year or decade later, Renewal by Andersen's warranty provides comprehensive coverage.

New windows are an investment for any homeowner, and even the best quality models can become worthless if not properly installed. Watch the video above and see how Renewal by Andersen expertly installed over 60 windows in the span of four days, leaving behind virtually no trace. When it comes to quality, speed and peace of mind, homeowners can truly have it all with Renewal by Andersen.

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