More Than Aspirin: Valley's Pain Management Center Helps Combat Discomfort

RIDGEWOOD, N.J. -- For those suffering from chronic or acute pain, relief can come in many forms. Perhaps one of the most effective remedies are the individualized treatments and therapies offered by pain management centers, which can help manage uncontrollable pain brought about by a severe illness or injury.

Robert Silverman of Valley Pain Management Center shares some tips on how to effectively manage pain.
Robert Silverman of Valley Pain Management Center shares some tips on how to effectively manage pain. Photo Credit: Valley Hospital

As Robert Silverman, M.D., Medical Director of The Valley Pain Management Center explains, people with pain “want to do things, they want to go on trips, and they don’t feel up to it.” This leads to “psychosocial issues, frustration and depression [because] if you are feeling that there is no hope for you, that your life is over as you remember it used to be, it’s very difficult to go on,” he said. In order to achieve the best results from your prescribed treatments, patients should take personal initiatives to enhance their physical and mental health.

Setting aside time to exercise at least a few times a week can have an incredible effect. Exercising can boost your energy levels and your mood. Before taking the stairs or hitting the gym,be sure to talk with your doctor about which exercises are safe for you. 

Sleep can also be a powerful recovery tool. Feeling more awake during the day will help you tolerate your pain and deal with any of its emotional repercussions. If getting to sleep is a challenge for you, make sure to end any highly-stimulating activities and use of electronics at least an hour before you go to bed.

Managing your day-to-day stress and anxiety is key. This type of stress causes your body to hold tension, resulting in unnecessary and worsening pain. Plan out your clothes and meals the night before to avoid stress related to getting to work on time. 

Nourishing yourself with healthy food will give you positive energy and help you to avoid having mood swings. When you eat healthier, your body will be able to better manage pain and you will be able to think more clearly when it comes to asserting self-control and keeping a good regimen.

If self care is not enough, specialists at the Valley Pain Management Center can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and advanced therapies that combine the unique medical expertise of each of the Center’s physicians with safe, effective integrative therapies. 

To learn more about the treatments available at the Valley Pain Management Center, call 201-634-5555.