Manage Your Care At Valley’s Centers of Excellence

RIDGEWOOD, N.J. -- According to the Center for Disease Control, about half of all adults in the United States - 117 million people - have one or more chronic health conditions. For people managing a chronic health condition like congestive heart failure or diabetes, undergoing medical treatment or recovering from surgery, maintaining optimum health can require the involvement of various experts and healthcare facilities.

The Valley Hospital's Center for Excellence can help patients determine what the correct treatment for their illness is.
The Valley Hospital's Center for Excellence can help patients determine what the correct treatment for their illness is. Photo Credit:

Staying healthy while living with a chronic health condition or injury could entail a variety of obligations from visits with a primary care physician and keeping track of medications, to laboratory tests, appointments with a specialist and outpatient therapy.

Managing all of this can become an overwhelming task. To provide patients in our communities with the best possible care coordination to support their health and wellness, Valley Health System has established Centers of Excellence in key clinical areas. Valley’s Centers of Excellence are comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs focusing on specific conditions, providing centralized and coordinated services to optimize a patient’s management of their chronic condition, illness or injury. 

 “The goal of each center is to be a useful one-stop resource to our patients in our communities,” says Donna Fry, President of Valley Home Care and Executive Staff Liaison to Valley's Accountable Care Organization. “Beyond clinical intervention, our centers are also providing the support and education patients need to best self-manage their health.”

Valley’s seven centers are each dedicated to a different clinical specialty: Diabetes, Cardiopulmonary/Heart Failure, Pulmonary, Oncology, Geriatric, Total Joint and Neurovascular. Each center is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of experts across the health continuum, from diagnosis and treatment through recovery and home care. These experts ensure that patient care is coordinated and seamless. In addition, Valley Centers of Excellence provide additional benefits including patient education, fitness programs and support, like a Smoking Cessation

Support group for patients with COPD, all to help patients live their healthiest life. If you think you might benefit from the services offered by a Center of Excellence, call 201-291-6461 or visit the website to learn more and watch our informational video.