'Classic' Pizza Place With Four MA Locations Touted For Unique, Tasty Combinations

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the toppings at Antonio’s Pizza By The Slice are truly unique and reworked into surprising and tasty combinations.

Antonio's Pizza By the Slice in Worcester
Antonio's Pizza By the Slice in Worcester Photo Credit: Google Maps street view
Antonio's Pizza By the Slice in Amherst
Antonio's Pizza By the Slice in Amherst Photo Credit: Google Maps street view

The pizzeria, with 8 locations - including Worcester, Amherst, Easthampton, and Belchertown - has toppings that include nacho chips, black beans, tortellini, potato, Ritz crackers, steak, Alfredo sauce, vegan cheese, and squash.

Pizza-makers take these ingredients and turn them into pies like the Avocado Quesadilla, Chicken Bacon Ranch (which may be the most popular pizza on the menu), Honey Mustard Chicken, Don Giovanni, and the Tortellini Pesto.

Antonio’s got its start as a college town pizzeria with locations in Amherst, and Texas. It quickly endeared itself to students by staying open until 2 a.m. and, in Amherst, serving $1 cheese slices “Hot Cheese Up Front” on Friday nights after midnight.

Yelp foodie Lana K. of Baltimore said that her love for Antonio’s runs deep even though she hasn’t been able to make it to one of the establishments in a while.

“Antonio's will always have a special place in my heart. I mean, you can't beat their $1 cheese slices (I think these were offered on Friday nights after a certain hour) and the immense number of different pizzas you can choose from to buy by the slice! My favorites were the avocado quesadilla, chicken bacon ranch (when you feel like indulging) and the square (Sicilian) pizzas,” Lana K. said. “The pizza crust is on the slightly thicker side - the layer of toppings they place on top will NOT fall or slide off! … The interesting part is the avocado doesn't brown while it's heated in the oven. This place is infamous, so much so that I heard Harrison Ford grabbed a slice while he was in town.”

Walk into any Antonio’s and you will see a counter behind glass featuring about 12 different pizzas - everything from the standard pepperoni pizza all the way to the Beef Fajita. Ordering is delightfully casual - once you know what you want head to the front of the pack and place your order. The pizza-by-the-slice pies are premade and need just a few minutes in the pizza oven to finish cooking to crispy, hot deliciousness.

Each Antonio’s has a slightly different interior and menu. In Amherst and Easthampton there are a handful of tables and chairs, a beverage refrigerator, and local event notices in the windows. In Easthampton, a mural of a satisfied pizza chef pulling an aromatic pie out of the oven adorns the exposed brick wall. In Worcester and Belchertown, Antonio’s is more of a restaurant with plenty of outdoor dining and a bar.

Even before COVID-19, Antonio’s did a lot of take-out and delivery business.

Yelp foodie Alexis H. of Brooklyn said she appreciates Antonio’s observance of COVID-19 best practices.

“Great - signs up to limit the amount of customers as well as designated spots to stand in while waiting to keep your distance,” Alexis H. said. “Employees were friendly and quick to help, all wearing masks. And the pizza was just as good as I remembered it being!”

The menu varies depending on the Antonio’s you’re visiting. The one in Amherst, for example, serves pizza and beverages - that’s it.

Meanwhile, in Worcester and Easthampton, alongside pizza, the menu includes calzones, appetizers, wraps, burgers, wings, salads, and baked pasta dishes. During COVID-19, the Worcester location is offering alcoholic cocktails to-go including margaritas, sangria, and spiked lemonade.

Yelp foodies from around the country heavily recommended the Bacon Chicken Ranch pizza and applauded the staff.

“Super nice staff that helps you decide what to try with all the crazy options. They are funny, sarcastic and you can tell they love their job,” said Yelp foodie Danielle G. of Thousand Oaks in California. “Highly recommend- it does get packed though! And most tables are standing tables.”

Antonio's Pizza By the Slice has various locations and hours of operation. For more information, you can visit all 8 locations at or Facebook.

  • Amherst, 31 N. Pleasant St. (413) 253-0808
  • Belchertown, 31 Federal St. (413) 323-6844
  • Easthampton, 71 Main St. (413) 527-8383
  • Worcester, 268 Chandler St. (774) 530-6000

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