'White Lady' Earns Cemetery 'Most-Haunted' Status

WESTON, Conn. — After the week long power outages canceled Halloween, many Westonites will be celebrating tonight by going to costume parties, parades and spooky haunted houses. But there is a rural cemetery next door in Easton that some ghost-hunters consider the most haunted place in Connecticut — no matter what time of the year it is.

Union Cemetery sits just off the junction of Routes 59 and 136 in Easton and, as the legend goes, is the home of the White Lady, a "spiritual entity" that allegedly walks the property. “I can tell you that I know for a fact that this place is haunted, it’s one of the most haunted places around,” said Lorraine Warren, who studies demonology and paranormal activity.

Warren, who lives right down the road, said she and her late husband, Ed, visited the cemetery many times to document paranormal activity. They even have what they say is a video of the White Lady herself. “We have actually witnessed her walk right down the gravestones, weaving in and out. We do have the White Lady on camera — who she is, we do not know,” Warren said.

Many others have posted videos of the cemetery to YouTube but haven't caught the White Lady on camera. 

The story of the White Lady has been around the state for decades, says Donna Kent, founder of the Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation. The White Lady “appears in a diaphanous white nightgown or wedding dress,” gliding between Union Cemetery in Easton and Stepney Cemetery just down the road in Monroe, Kent writes in her book, "Ghost Stories and Legends of Southwestern Connecticut." 

One of the most popular tales about the White Lady, Warren said, is that late one evening a man was driving down Stepney Road in his pickup truck just past Union Cemetery. Out of nowhere, a woman appeared in the middle of the road, wearing a white dress. The man couldn’t slow down in time and struck the woman. When the man pulled over to investigate, the woman nowhere to be seen, Warren said.

“No one, to this day, has ever figured out who she really is, or was in her physical lifetime," Kent said.

Several theories have emerged on the origin of the infamous ghost, including a woman who died centuries ago. According to Kent, there is a gravestone in Union Cemetery belonging to Harriet B. Seeley. Seeley’s gravestone states that she had a son who died before her in 1853. Kent says some theories identify Seeley as the ghostly entity of the White Lady, who is in search of her dead son.

Kent went to Union Cemetery nearly 20 years ago to experience the White Lady for herself and said she knows there is a “spiritual energy, activity at Union Cemetery.”

“I believe, yes, there is a lost soul that traverses the two cemeteries,” she said. Kent has several photos documenting what she says is proof of paranormal activity at the cemetery.

“Just what that energy is, unfortunately, is usually not the souls of our dearly departed but in fact a more sinister type of spirit that are attracted to what a cemetery represents; death, decay, grief, sadness, mourning, loss, depression, abandonment,” Kent said.

People from all over the country flock to the cemetery in hopes of documenting their experiences. A quick search online or on YouTube reveals numerous personal accounts. Due to the high traffic volume at the cemetery, especially at night, the Easton Police Department have deemed the cemetery off limits to the public after dusk.

Jon Nowinski, director of the Smoking Gun Research Agency, has been to the cemetery on several occasions. Nowinski’s organization investigates various paranormal activities throughout the state. Although he has never seen the White Lady, he said the cemetery does omit unusual activity.

“From a paranormal research standpoint there’s been numerous unusual and unexplained occurrences within the cemetery. Things such as documented temperature anomalies, what has sounded like whispers or voices when no one was around, and photographs that defy explanation,” Nowinski said.

For those who do not believe in the White Lady, Warren says she exists. “There is too much evidence to think otherwise, It’s real, believe me, it’s real.”

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