Sandy Hook Promise Releases Video On Warning Signs Ahead Of 5th Anniversary

NEWTOWN, Conn. — Just days before the fifth anniversary of the deadly school shooting in Newtown, the nonprofit group Sandy Hook Promise has released a powerful public service announcement showing the warning signs of gun violence. 

A school shooting is expected tomorrow, but you can help change #TomorrowsNews. This PSA was released Monday by the Sandy Hook Promise.

Photo Credit: Sandy Hook Promise

As the school year winds down, one student finds himself starting an unexpected relationship. This PSA was released a year ago by the Sandy Hook Promise.

Photo Credit: Sandy Hook Promise

In the video, which is posted above and on YouTube, a reporter does a story for “Tomorrow’s News,” explaining the details of another mass casualty shooting that will occur the following day.

As of late Tuesday, the PSA had already been viewed nearly 56,000 times. 

Here is the text of the video:

"I’m here at the scene of tomorrow's shooting, where a 15-year-old will kill four children two adults and then turn the gun on himself." 

"When the shooting starts happening tomorrow, first I’ll probably just think it’s firecrackers or a car backfiring or something." 

"He told some of us that his dad kept a gun in his back closet, and he always talked about using it on, you know, people that bullied him.Tomorrow I’ll probably say that I wish I told someone." 

"You know, after the shooting we’re going to feel pretty bad about picking on him, but until then we’ll probably just keep doing it because he’s pretty weird." 

"Tomorrow I’ll probably point out that something seemed off with him from the beginning of the school year." 

"And I’m now joined by the officers who will be the first responders tomorrow. What additional details can you share with us?" 

"Well, someone is expected to tell us after the shooting that the shooter has been posting on social media about doing this for weeks." 

"So how will you explain the shooting to your daughter?" 

"Actually I wont get to explain it to her because she won't make it." 

"This is Christine Linn, reporting from the scene of another shooting we’ll say we never saw coming."

The 90-second video ends with the words, “You can stop tomorrow’s shootings if you recognize the warning signs today.”

The Sandy Hook Promise has trained 2.5 million students and adults through a free "Know the Signs" programs, which has been credited with helping to avert school violence.

A video with a similar message released last year by Sandy Hook Promise has been viewed more than 10 million times. (It is the second video posted above.) 

Sandy Hook Promise is a national nonprofit organization founded and led by several family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. Its intent is to honor all victims of gun violence by turning the Newtown tragedy into a moment of transformation by providing programs and practices that protect children from gun violence.

Click here for more information on the Sandy Hook Promise. 

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