Red Fox Stops By New Canaan Home: They 'Need Not Be Feared,' Officials Say

A red fox made a surprise visit to a Fairfield County home as the homeowner's cat watched while safely indoors. 

A red fox was seen visiting a New Canaan home. 

A red fox was seen visiting a New Canaan home. 

Photo Credit: Christine Yang

The visit happened at a New Canaan home on Tuesday, Nov. 21. 

The curious critter, identified as a red fox by its reddish fur, black legs and ears, and white-tipped tail, was seen venturing onto the homeowner's porch and yard. 

According to the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), the animals are commonly found living near human residences, as they can find plenty of food, water, and shelter, especially in yards. 

The foxes are accustomed to human activity but are rarely aggressive and pose virtually no danger to people.

"The mere presence of a fox should not be perceived as a problem and foxes need not be feared," DEEP officials said.

However, it is a good idea to keep pets inside in areas where foxes are seen, as they are known to prey on them, according to officials.

Additionally, residents should never feed foxes and should clear fruit dropped from trees or bird seed from feeders in their yards in order to avoid attracting the animals. Feeding can cause foxes to act tame and may lead to bolder behavior over time, according to DEEP.

Any residents who encounter foxes in their yards and wish to scare them away can do so by harassing them with loud noises, bright lights, or spraying water from a hose. Disturbing fox den sites can also prompt them to move farther away. 

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