'Rage Bait'? Influencer's Rant Over Whole Foods Apple Prices Leaves Sour Taste Online

Her attempt at garnering online sympathy by and large turned up fruitless.

A Whole Foods Market store. 

A Whole Foods Market store. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps street view

A Massachusetts social media influencer was outraged after claiming she spent an eye-popping amount of money on a single apple during a recent trip to Whole Foods Market.

In a now-deleted, expletive-filled rant on TikTok, Boston-based Via Li claimed the grocery giant charged her $7 for one organic Sugarbee apple.

“Guess how much this is. This is an apple, it's called a Sugarbee (expletive) apple apparently and look at it,” she says in the clip.

“The size of my palm. I thought it was like probably two to three dollars. I scanned this mother (expletive), seven (expletive) dollars, seven!”

Li said she even double checked with a store employee, who reportedly confirmed the price.

“Genuinely what economy are we all (expletive) living in that it costs seven dollars to buy an apple?” she asked. “This apple better be tasting so (expletive) good.”

But any sympathy Li may have hoped for was hard to come by online, with many users pointing out the noticeable absence of a receipt in the video that could prove her claim.

“I don’t believe her, honestly. I think this is rage bait,” one user wrote. “Show me the receipt.”

Indeed, it would appear that Li’s “math ain’t mathin’,” as the kids say. A check of Whole Foods’ website shows that Sugarbee apples sell for $3.99 per pound, meaning the apple in the video would have to weigh a staggering 1.75 pounds to make Li’s claim plausible.

Other comments, first reported by Daily Mail, ridiculed Li for expecting cheap prices at Whole Foods.

“Go to a Wally World and get one of our pesticide-filled bags of apples for $3,” one user quipped.

“Whole Foods duh!” said another. “Look in the parking lot! See the Maserati, Lamborghini, Bently and the Rolls-Royce?”

Daily Voice has reached out to Whole Foods Market for clarification and will update this story should the company respond.

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