CO Scares Prompts New Canaan Fire To Remind Residents To Turn Off Vehicles In Garage

With two recent calls for carbon monoxide gas incidents at homes, a Fairfield County fire department reminds residents to turn off their vehicles in the garage.

A CO detector should be installed in all garages, New Canaan Fire says. 

A CO detector should be installed in all garages, New Canaan Fire says. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay via Rigby40

The New Canaan Fire Department responded to two carbon monoxide (CO) gas incidents on Sunday,  April 21, caused by cars left running in the garage. 

New Canaan Fire Chief Albe Bassett said the CO levels in the house could be dangerous and cause serious health effects. One person was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

"Today’s technologies of remote staring and keyless fobs present challenges," Bassett said. "A driver does not have to turn and remove a key from the ignition to turn off the vehicle." 

The remote start button can be pressed accidentally, unintentionally starting a vehicle. Bassett added that both events usually occur when the garage door is closed.

To protect against these events, vehicle owners and drivers should take extra precautions to ensure the vehicle is turned off when one exits the car. 

When the vehicle is started and warmed up, it should be backed out of the garage. 

Bassett said that a carbon monoxide detector should be installed inside the home within 10 feet of the entry door from the garage.

Carbon monoxide can also be produced by un-maintained or improperly ventilated furnaces, hot water heaters, or cooking equipment. 

Gasoline-powered tools and generators also produce CO and should not be allowed to run inside.

The New Canaan Fire Marshal offers free home inspections; call 203-594-3030 to schedule an appointment. 

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