COVID-19: Companies Moving Closer To Creating Breathalyzer Test For Virus

Seven months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, some companies may be inching closer to creating a breathalyzer-type test that could potentially identify the virus.

Researchers are working to create a breathalyzer-type test for COVID-19.
Researchers are working to create a breathalyzer-type test for COVID-19. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons: governortomwolf

According to new reports, researchers from the United States to Israel to Finland have been working to develop non-invasive screening solutions to test for COVID-19 through gas compounds that can be identified with the device.

If completed, the device would work similarly to breathalyzers that are used by police to determine one’s blood alcohol content.

Researchers across the globe have been testing respiratory samples after determining there are certain gas compounds that are unique to COVID-19 and could potentially be identified by the device in less than a minute. 

Companies will begin validation trials in the coming weeks with specially designed equipment, which could theoretically verify the data gathered by the company and allow them to offer the first authentic breath tests for identifying the virus.

“We are very encouraged by the success in identifying the indicators and moving closer to completing initial performance biomarkers and the start of broader research for swift testing using breakthrough technology,” researchers told Globe. “We hope to produce a test which is reliable, and significantly cheaper and more rapid than today's existing tests.” 

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