Greenwich Masseuse Brings Passion For Mindfulness To Massage

GREENWICH, Conn. -- Mindfulness is no longer considered something that only monks do while sitting in total silence with legs crossed, eyes shut and palms facing upward. So explained Christina Connors, a licensed massage therapist in Greenwich.

Stamford resident Christina Connors practices mindfulness massages.

Stamford resident Christina Connors practices mindfulness massages.

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Connors, who practices "mindfulness massage," said science is now recognizing the power of being mindful not only for success in life, but for better health. 

"It's a practice many of us can use, especially in these times of uncertainty and rapid change," said the Stamford resident. "We live our lives on 'auto pilot' either regretting the past or worrying about the future and missing out on opportunities due to lack of presence."

Which is why she recently began incorporating mindfulness, imagery and breathe work into her massage therapy sessions as a way to heal both the body and the mind. She now starts each session by cultivating presence in both herself and her client. 

Mindfulness massage uses similar techniques as Swedish and Deep Tissue but what makes it different is that throughout the massage, Connors incorporates several mindfulness components, i.e. mindful breathing, imagery, and present awareness techniques where she encourages her clients to bring their attention to the present when they notice their minds wandering.  

"This massage incorporates traditional massage with active participation from the client in working through muscle tension as well as training the brain to focus," she explained.

"I don’t work 'on' my clients;  I work 'with' my clients so they feel safe, relaxed, and empowered."

In between sessions, be sure to ask Connors about her performing career. The actress/singer co-produced and performed in reality TV star David Tutera's "Dream Bigger" tour at the Stamford Palace Theater this past August. She also owns her own production company called A New Soul Song Productions. 

Her first song release, "We Can Be Kind," was recorded with a children's choir and can be found on Spotify and iTunes. And she has a new Christmas tune coming out this month as well as a song called "One Clear Voice" which is all about getting quiet and listening to your intuition. 

"So, as you can see," she said, "Whether through singing or through my massage practice, I am passionate about helping people life happier, healthier lives."

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