Letter: Fairfield Resident Urges Fellow Voters To Do Their Homework

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Dear Editor, 

I, like many Fairfielders, received an email this week from The Fairfield Taxpayers outlining their Strategic Plan for the Town. 

After reading the material, in great depth, I came to realize what a complete fool I have been. Naively, my husband and I purchased our home in Town a full seven years before our children would enter the public school system, paying taxes long before we would reap any rewards.

Shame on me, upon my children’s entry into Fairfield public schools, for volunteering my time and money extensively as a PTA volunteer as that likely further eroded my benefits. Even more of an atrocity, I believed that the official 225 days each year a schoolteacher is contracted to work was well below the time they actually spent in preparing to educate my children. 

Shame on me for attempting to teach my children, as they progress through our school district, the meaning of community. The concept that there will be times when we will give more than we receive and times when we receive more than we give, but ultimately a good citizen does not track the balance. 

Shame on me for instilling in them the desire to join community-minded groups serving lunch to seniors, cleaning up Town beaches and continually looking for ways to improve the lives of others. 

Thank you, Fairfield Taxpayer, for your email, which prompted me to research groups that hold similar views to yours. In my research I can form no other conclusion than your mission and plans sound hauntingly similar to those affiliated with the Tea Party. 

Thank you as well, for so eloquently outlining that position so that when individuals running for office in Fairfield (which overwhelming appear to be coming from certain Republicans) quote nearly verbatim your action plans, I know to put my vote ELSEWHERE. 

I urge my fellow Fairfielders to ask questions and support those candidates who have the ENTIRE Town’s interest at heart, NOT those who align themselves with Fairfield Taxpayer and their selfish motives. 

Maria DiPierro 

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