'McFlation': $7 Egg McMuffin At Fairfield McDonald's Sparks Outrage

A pricey breakfast sandwich purchased at a Connecticut McDonald’s is sparking outrage on social media.

Hundreds of users were outraged when an X user shared their pricey receipt from a Fairfield County McDonald's.

Hundreds of users were outraged when an X user shared their pricey receipt from a Fairfield County McDonald's.

Photo Credit: Google Maps street view/X via bespokeinvest

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The Fairfield County breakfast order, which was shared by Bespoke Investment Group on X, was placed on Saturday, Jan. 27 just off of I-95 in the town of Fairfield, according to the posted picture of the receipt.

“What has the world come to??” the user asked, showing that the receipt included two Egg McMuffins, costing a total of $14.58 — or $7.29 each — and a bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle for another $7.19.

“Outrageous pricing,” Bespoke wrote.

Others agreed. The post got over 1,000 likes and 1.9 million views. One user wrote that a carton of eggs and a package of bacon would cost less; another claimed that the once-cheap fast food spot now had “filet mignon pricing!”

Yet another dubbed the high prices as “McFlation.”

The user explained in later X replies that they had stopped at the rest stop McDonald’s, located at 165 Round Hill Road, so that they could get their children food on the way to a sports event.

Some users were quick to point out that the location of the restaurant, which is in the North Service Plaza between I-95 Exits 21 and 22, is to blame for the pricing.

“You made several rookie mistakes. Never buy from [a] rest stop,” said user ArbCowboy.

“Prices will always be inflated there,” another agreed.

According to the website McMenu, the average price of an Egg McMuffin across the US is $4.12.

In Connecticut, it’s $4.29, three dollars less than the I-95 rest stop’s going rate.

This isn’t the first time a McDonald's off of I-95 has been put through the wringer online for its prices.

In July 2023, user Sam Learner posted a picture of a Darien location's menu on X, showcasing a $17.59 Big Mac meal. (Note: As of publication, the location's price for the same Big Mac meal is now listed at $21.59 when ordering on GrubHub.)

“This was at a rest stop, but these McDonald's prices are nuts right???” he said, prompting similar comments to the Egg McMuffin post.

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