PA TikToker Who Admitted To Killing Her Wheelchair Bound Sister Learns Her Fate: DA

"Incoherently tragic," events led a TikToking teen to "Michael Myer's" (as the killer put it) her sister who had Cerebral Palsy, authorities say. Over two years later, the now 16-year-old Claire Miller has learned her fate, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney's office. 

Claire Miller
Claire Miller Photo Credit: Lancaster County District Attorney's Office

The Manheim Township girl "pleaded guilty but mentally ill to a charge of third-degree murder Friday afternoon in Lancaster County Court regarding the stabbing of her sister (Helen, 19) on Feb. 22, 2021," the DA stated in the release on Friday, March 10, 2023.

The stabbing happened while the girls' parents were asleep around 1 a.m. at the home they all lived in together in the 1500 block of Clayton Road.

She posted some bizarre TikToks prior to the stabbing, and her final post of the crime scene has been stitched and reposted numerous times since the shocking incident. 

The younger Miller called the police to the scene herself, saying “I stabbed my sister.” When offices and EMS arrived they found her covered in blood, according to previous releases and court documents.

Miller continually claimed to have "had a psychotic break that led to the killing, namely auditory command hallucinations coming from a woman that Miller attempted to silence by stabbing," the DA explained in the release.

"Judge Wright determined Miller to be mentally ill but not mentally disabled, accepted the plea and imposed sentence," the DA stated in the release. 

She was sentenced to serve 12 ½ to 40 years in prison after a hearing before Lancaster County Judge Jeffery Wright. 

“While all homicides are tragic, this case was particularly sad because the victim was her own sister and unable to defend herself,” District Attorney Heather Adams said. “The pain this must have caused the family is unthinkable. The Commonwealth does not dispute that Miller suffered from a mental health event at the time of this offense, but it legally did not excuse the conduct. The sentence imposed today holds her accountable for the crime committed, but balances the nature of this offense, her young age, her mental condition at the time and the protection of society. The onus now rests with the Department of Corrections to appropriately treat her mental illness and only grant parole when it is clear that she is no longer a threat to the public.” 

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