Pace, Environmental Groups Work With Con Ed To Set Clean Standards

NEW YORK -- Thanks to environmental groups such as Pace University's Energy and Climate Center, New York State is looking good in green.

Radina Valova, of Pace Energy and Climate Center .
Radina Valova, of Pace Energy and Climate Center . Photo Credit: Pace

The school's center and others organizations have worked to develop and promote policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the state. Negotiating with the area's largest energy providers, advocates recently reached a landmark agreement with power giant Consolidated Edison Company. In a joint settlement proposal filed by Department of Public Service staff, Con Edison, which provides energy to over three million New Yorkers, has agreed to proposed energy efficiency programs in New York that will help meet the state’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and Clean Energy Standard renewables targets. 

“These programs will secure energy efficiency in a way that makes the grid itself more cost-effective by responding to locational needs, bundling offerings through Distributed Energy Resource providers and leveraging market-based approaches," said Radina Valova, a Pace Energy and Climate Center staff attorney. 

The proposal would commit the company to invest $99 million in new energy efficiency programs over the next three years, providing customers with savings and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and other dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, Pace Energy and Climate Center, Acadia Center and the Association for Energy Affordability predict the proposed efficiency programs to yield more than 300 gigawatt-hours of savings annually by 2019. This, in turn, will reduce the dependence on Con Edison’s dirtiest, most expensive peaking power plants on the highest demand days of the year.

"Clean energy advocacy groups like ours support this broad focus on energy efficiency opportunities because it allows the utility to promote the most cost-effective and market-friendly savings opportunities,” said Valova.

The Department of Public Service staff have filed the proposed settlement with the New York Public Service Commission for review and potential approval.

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