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White Plains Daily Voice serves White Plains, NY

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Introducing Daily Voice Plus: Exceptional Local Journalism Here in Westchester

Introducing Daily Voice Plus
Introducing Daily Voice Plus Photo Credit: Daily Voice Plus

Dear Readers,

We are proud to announce the launch of Daily Voice Plus, a subscription service bringing you the best local business, lifestyle and politics in Fairfield and Westchester.

When Travis and I took over Daily Voice, one of our goals was to find a way to go behind the headlines and bring our readers more. Daily Voice Plus is a single, low-cost subscription that brings together the award-winning local coverage of the Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journal, WAG Magazine, and our all-new Daily Voice Plus Politics.

Daily Voice Plus Politics holds your local politicians responsible with in-depth reporting of the issues that matter to Fairfield and Westchester residents like ourselves. In this first month, we’ve unearthed the secret settlement following the Metro-North crash that killed five of our neighbors, covered the environmental impact of the upcoming Indian Point Nuclear Plant closure, and looked behind the legislative curtain at CT’s tax and toll plans.

You’ll find Daily Voice Plus articles mixed in with your news with a distinctive red border. I encourage you to click, explore and subscribe! We need your subscriptions to bring you in-depth content, and ask that you vote with your dollars in support of local media.

Ted + Travis

Check out Daily Voice Plus