Con Ed Partially Restores Power After Transformer Explodes In Hartsdale


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FRIDAY, 11:30 A.M.

HARTSDALE, N.Y. -- Partial power has now been been restored to 100 East Hartsdale Avenue after Thursday's underground transformer explosion in Hartsdale.

The elevators and boiler are not working, according to Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, but Con Ed has advised that they should be on line within two hours.

Con Edison has also said it will be powering 100 East Hartsdale Avenue with their generator for 5-7 days, Feiner said.


THURSDAY, 10:40 P.M.

HARTSDALE, N.Y. -- Greenburgh Police Chief Chris McNerney reported at 10:15 p.m. Thursday that power would be restored "momentarily" to 120 and 140 East Hartsdale Avenue, leaving 100 East Hartsdale Avenue as the only building without power after a late-afternoon underground transformer explosion.

"Con Edison needs to go into the manhole where the fire was, but they are still receiving high carbon monoxide levels," McNerney stated. "They have a generator on scene that they will connect to the power source to get 100 East Hartsdale Avenue powered.

"They have advised that they are not leaving until power is restored. Unfortunately, at the moment, they cannot give me an ETA on time of restoration to 100 East Hartsdale."



HARTSDALE, N.Y. -- Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said that power has now been restored to all but the following three buildings: 100, 120 and 140 East Hartsdale Avenue. 

Con Edison is still working on restoring power to those buildings.

"We have a bus in front of buildings -- people can warm up," Feiner stated.  "We are also able to provide residents of East Hartsdale Avenue who are without power with shelter and have made that known to residents.

"It's my hope that power will be restored within the hour to everyone, but we're only guessing when power will be restored."


THURSDAY, 5:20 P.M.:

HARTSDALE, N.Y. -- Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner reports that East Hartsdale Avenue will be open to cars within 15 to 20 minutes.

Con Ed crews have identified the problem and are working on restoring power, Feiner said.

Feiner said power is expected to be restored by 9 p.m.

Some more info about E Hartsdale Ave (in response to calls/e mails I have been receiving)

The Hartsdale train station is open and trains operating.


HARTSDALE, N.Y. -- Greenburgh police report a manhole explosion as a result of an underground transformer explosion knocked out power on Thursday to parts of Hartsdale.

The explosion occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. near 100 East Hartsdale Avenue.

Police have shut down traffic between Central Avenue and Hartsdale Village. The 430 customers without power are being told to make other arrangements for the night.

"Several manhole covers were blown open during initial explosions and there is concern of additional as the fire spreads," Police Chief Chris McNerney said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

McNerney said no injuries have been reported.

McNerney said efforts are being made to identify and treat residents on life-sustaining equipments in light of the power outage.

"Getting around East Hartsdale Ave will be difficult until power is restored," Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner said in an email on Thursday afternoon.

East Hartsdale Avenue is closed from Station Plaza to Central Avenue.

There is no timeline for restoration of power and Con Edison is working to shut off electric and gas, Feiner reported.


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