Westchester Medium Explores True Meaning Of Halloween

ARMONK, N.Y. -- What if Halloween was less about trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving and more about spirituality?

Armonk-based Spiritual Medium, Healer and Guide Robin C. Mueller.
Armonk-based Spiritual Medium, Healer and Guide Robin C. Mueller. Photo Credit: Submitted

Such is a question posed by Armonk-based Spiritual Medium, Healer and Guide Robin C. Mueller who said All Saint’s Day, also known as All Hallow's Day and All Souls' Day is celebrated by other cultures around the globe yet not recognized much in the U.S. "These traditions (honoring the dead) have all but disappeared stateside," she said.

Yet, exploring the true meaning of Halloween doesn't have to be a creepy endeavor, she stressed. Halloween offers us – regardless of religious tradition – the opportunity to make a “hallowed” (aka holy or sacred) spiritual connection.

From Monday, Oct. 31 (All Hallow's Eve) through Wednesday, Nov. 2 (All Souls' Day), the world of the dead and the world of the living touch and can affect each other in a positive way.

Did you know, for example, that:

  • Wearing costumes historically was a way of depicting the fight between good and evil in the world. Dressing as an evil spirit could help you hide from evil spirits who typically find their way into the physical world during this holiday.
  • Lighting Jack O' Lanterns served as a way to protect homes from the great movement of souls, to help ensure they didn't lose their way and mistakenly wander into our homes.
  • As October transitions to November, the “veils” separating the physical and the spirit worlds become their thinnest. One way to honor lost souls is to connect with nature. Sitting by the water or by your favorite tree and asking for a pink beam of light to fill your loved ones in the spirit world is one way to connect, said Mueller.

Interested in learning more? Mueller, who operates out of an office in West Harrison, conducts "True Spirit Connection" event at various locations in Westchester but is also available for private appointments. Call (914) 730- 0155, email: or visit for more information.

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