9/11 1st Responder Turns Passion For Helping Into New Weight Loss Business

Mary Brauner of Scarsdale remembers vividly the hours following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 when she and her partner were called to the burning ruins of the World Trade Center. Brauner, a Scarsdale resident, was a paramedic for the now-closed St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Manhattan.

Mary Brauner
Mary Brauner Photo Credit: Provided

The ambulance she was in was the second medical emergency vehicle to arrive on the scene. She would remain there for two days.

Brauner’s exposure to the fumes had a lasting effect on the Cuban native, who was diagnosed with occupational COPD or -- chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder -- shortly after 9/11. At the time, she had spent seven years as a paramedic and 20 years as an EMT, working in all five of New York City’s boroughs.

Despite her health condition and medication-induced weight gain over the years, Brauner said she was determined to put herself on a path to wellness and to find a way for other women to do the same.

After servicing the victims of 9/11 as an EMS technician at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Brauner developed a number of illnesses causing her to retire from a career she loved. She looked at different options to lose the weight caused by many of her prescribed medications. CoolSlimming turned out to be the fastest and safest method. Not giving up on herself, she acquired training in the use of the CoolSlimming technology from PZ Laser and is proud to now provide these services to all. 

Without A Slice opened for business in January and is located in downtown Hastings-on-Hudson, right off Warburton Avenue. A grand opening celebration at Without a Slice is set for Saturday, Feb. 24 at 2 p.m.

She has found that in her newly-opened weight loss center in Hastings, which offers CoolSlimming®, a revolutionary technology that creates a healthy, contoured look to the body and is especially effective on areas of stubborn fat.

The non-invasive treatment involves no needles or incisions but rather a suction device that has a freezing effect on fat cells without damaging surrounding nerves and muscle tissue. During the weeks that follow each treatment, Brauner says the body naturally gets rid of the fat.

“When I was looking for different options to lose weight myself, I discovered that CoolSlimming offered the fastest, safest method,” Brauner explains, adding that apart from the aesthetic benefits, feeling good on the inside is also important to maintaining a healthy body.

“Most patients don’t feel anything,” Brauner assured, referring to the 30 to 60-minute treatments where one can sit back and relax while the machine does its work. A gentle massage after the treatment and a couple of minutes of light aerobic activity, as well as drinking plenty of water after the procedure, can also enhance the fat loss process.

Realizing the prohibitive cost of the FDA-approved treatment for many, Brauner, who holds certification from the PZ Laser Slim Technology Company and operates her business under the auspices of Medical Director Dr. Rudy Miranda, chose to offer her treatments at more affordable prices than most.

While one treatment is normally between $750 and $1,500, Brauner is offering new clients their first treatment for as low as $150.

Brauner sees herself as a “role model” for others with the launch of her new business. She hopes to inspire women to not only give CoolSlimming a try but also to think about eating healthier, smaller portions and to exercise more often in their quest to have a body that not only looks good but feels good too.

“I’m a daughter, sister, wife, and mother with a deep passion for helping others and my new business, Without a Slice, is helping me do just that,” she says.

Without a Slice offers other treatments, including non-invasive face lifts, wrinkle reduction procedures, and skin tightening techniques.

To schedule an appointment, call 914-591-0051 or email

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