Westchester Medium Prides Herself On Talking To Dead People

OSSINING, N.Y. -- When people hear Carla Blaha talks to dead people, they either shy away or perk right up. Mostly, it's the latter.

Carla Blaha, an Ossining resident is the author of "Get Your Vibe Back: A Simple Guide to Awaken Your Sixth Sense."

Carla Blaha, an Ossining resident is the author of "Get Your Vibe Back: A Simple Guide to Awaken Your Sixth Sense."

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Thanks to all the new TV shows dealing with Mediumship -- showing Mediums as "regular people with families and real lives" -- the topic has been brought into the mainstream media.

"Mediumship has historically been practiced and observed by relatively few, giving the perception that the practice is dark and mysterious," explained Blaha, a mom of three. "With the new surge in Mediumship in mainstream media, the real facts are being realized, shedding light on the 'darkness.' In many ways this has made life as a Medium so much easier."

However, with this surge of popularity many new myths and misconceptions are being created, said the Ossining resident. Ten years ago and more, “talking to dead people” -- as she often refers to her work -- was challenging simply based upon others’ basic disbelief that Mediumship was even real. 

Mediumship, she said, is now better understood as relating to wave frequency and vibration within the purview of Quantum Physics. For the record, she said, all Mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are Mediums. 

"A Medium connects to those who have crossed over – psychics do not connect to those who have crossed over," she said. On the downside of the media, folks often expect an immediate and sustained connection to a specific person who has crossed over. 

"With half hour TV shows, viewers don’t see and therefore cannot appreciate or even understand that Mediumship is not such an exacting science, but that connections are made over a period of time that mainstream media has not patience for," said Blaha.

At the end of the day Blaha, who does phone and private appointments as well as readings at Synchronicity Healing Center in Brewster and Soulauras in Briarcliff, told Daily Voice: "So long as people have the need to be healed through connections to those who have crossed over, there is an empty seat to be filled in front of me."

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