Disney Channel To Turn Rye Author's Young Adult Book Series Into Movie

RYE, N.Y. – A Rye woman’s young adult series about a teenage math whiz named Digit is set to become a Disney Channel movie.

Annabel Monaghan's young adult book series will be turned into a Disney Channel movie.
Annabel Monaghan's young adult book series will be turned into a Disney Channel movie. Photo Credit: Contributed

Annabel Monaghan, who lives in Rye with her husband and three kids, said no star has been chosen yet to play her main character, Digit. But, she said that person can’t be too pretty or too cool.

“She’s got goofiness about her that I really love,” she said.

In both of Monaghan’s young adult novels, “Digit” and “Double Digit,” the teenage protagnist is using her off-the-charts math skills to investigate terrorist groups and, in the process, landing herself in hot water.

“The message in these books is that everyone has gifts, and that it’s critical that we own up to ours and use them,” said Monaghan. “We spend a lot of middle school and high school trying to blend in, but we all have some sort of passion or talent that differentiates us.

"It’s important for our happiness, and maybe even important to our survival, that we listen to ourselves and follow our passions. And when it comes to math and science, girls need to know that all doors are open to them.”

With many similarities between Digit and Monaghan, the quirky author said she’s “pretty good” at math. Both collect and fill their walls with bumper stickers and both grew up in Los Angeles.

“Most authors throw a little of themselves into their main characters,” she said.

In “Double Digit,” Monaghan made the villains eco-terrorists to illustrate that people often do the wrong things for the right reasons.

“The world is not made up of good and bad, and smart and stupid,” she said. “The beauty of life is often found in the grey area.

“It’s hard to argue with people who want to protect the environment… unless they’re trying to kill people.”

While the DisneyChannel movie is in the beginning stages, Monaghan’s two books are available in hardcover, paperback and ebook formats, as well as audiobooks on

“Double Digit” is scheduled to be released in paperback in January 2015.

Monaghan is also the coauthor of “Click! The Girls Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making it Happen.” She is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and writes a column in “The Week.”

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