Letter To The Editor: Move Forward, Not Back

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Sheriff Don Smith
Sheriff Don Smith Photo Credit: Sam Barron

Democratic candidate Robert Langley has been extremely vociferous regarding Sheriff Smith’s decision to agree to Levy’s condition that he make a public statement to settle Levy’s suit out of court (and save the taxpayers the cost of trial). Langley held press conferences and organized demonstrations with his supporters holding signs insulting Don Smith at the entrance of the Sheriff’s Department that I feel were an embarrassment to Putnam residents.

Mr. Langley was a county deputy for 23 years, from 1984 to 2006, 19 of which were served under Sheriff Robert Thouborron, who was unseated by Don Smith after Governor Pataki ordered an investigation into alleged corruption within the department due to 14 or more complaints and law suits against the department and county between 1995 and 2000. Candidate Langley was a named defendant in one action that involved, according to the court summary, a woman who had sexual relations with members of the Sheriff Department along with having a history of alcohol and drug abuse and making frivolous complaints with the department against persons with whom she had had relationships. In another suit brought against the department, one employee was awarded $650.000 after then Sheriff Thoubboron used the deputies to harass employees who disagreed with him. How could someone from that kind of culture work cohesively with today’s professional law enforcement personnel and our new D.A.?

If you care about Putnam County as the home of your family, please vote on Tuesday, November 7 and vote to keep Donald B. Smith your sheriff.

Andy Powers

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