Urgent Surgeries Are Minimally Invasive But Maximally Effective At NWH

Undergoing surgery can be a difficult and stressful process, even with proper preparation. So when patients need to have sudden, emergency procedures, the surgeons at Northern Westchester Hospital are trained to act quickly, yet thoughtfully.

Dr. Anna Aronova, acute care surgeon at Northern Westchester Hospital, describes the approach to emergency surgery. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

"My approach to surgery is to be as minimally invasive as possible," said Dr. Anna Aronova, an acute care surgeon at Northern Westchester Hospital. "I like to perform robotic surgery because it affords the patient an easier recovery, smaller incision, and less pain post-operatively."

Although not appropriate for every case, minimally invasive, robotic surgery can produce remarkable results. While traditional open surgery can require large incisions, heavy scarring and lengthy recovery times, high-tech procedures can offer a quicker, less burdensome solution to problems like kidney stones, hernias, appendicitis, and other ailments. That's in large part because these surgeries allow doctors to access problem sites through ways previously unimaginable. "For instance, thyroid surgery can be performed through the inside of the mouth, avoiding the traditional neck incision," said Dr. Aronova. As a result, patients find urgent problems addressed and resolved with precision and speed.

To hear Dr. Aronova discuss her surgical approach, watch the video above.

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