Northern Westchester Hospital's Spine Team Has Patient's Back

Whether sitting, standing or in motion, the spine plays an incredibly important role in everyday life. In addition to supporting the head, shoulder and upper body, the spine also connects many of the nerves that extend outwards across the body and control movement. That's why after suffering from back pain for nearly a decade, Bette decided to get long overdue help.

Bette suffered with debilitating back pain until she had spinal fusion arthroplasty with Westchester spine surgeon Dr. Marshall Peris at Northern Westchester Hospital. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

After years of being treated with steroid shots to minimize her back pain, Bette was ultimately told that the injections were becoming less and less effective, and finding a more permanent solution was necessary. "Luckily, I found my way to Dr. Marshall Peris at Northern Westchester Hospital," she said.

After undergoing a minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery performed by Peris, Bette was back on her feet, doing what she loved pain-free. "Within ten days I felt so wonderful that I was actually able to drive myself," she said. "I was able to go to my granddaughters and see them, and feel comfortable with everything."

Despite living in a healthcare-rich area, Bette immediately knew she'd found the right spine surgeon after her first meeting with Peris. "I had seen other doctors in New York City, but Dr. Peris' attitude and his way just appealed to me," she said. "I felt very comfortable with Dr. Peris and very safe with him. He was honest. He was thorough. He made me feel very confident that it would be a successful spine surgery. And ultimately my choice was a very good one."

Watch Bette's story of hope in the video above

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