Minimally Invasive Procedures A 'Joint' Effort At Northern Westchester Hospital

For the longest time, joint replacement surgeries were painful, invasive procedures. Only performed when absolutely necessary, they often required extensive recovery time in both hospital and outpatient settings.

When terrible pain started radiating down the side of Maureen's leg, she knew she needed to stop and see a doctor. Thankfully, Northern Westchester Hospital was there to help. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

However, due to advances in surgical techniques, implant technology and anesthesia and pain management, recovery time for patients who work with joint specialists like the ones at Northern Westchester Hospital is measured in weeks, not months.

For instance, Maureen, a high-energy, on-the-go business owner was one of countless Americans dealing with daily pain in her legs and hips. "I was experiencing pain down the side of my leg and didn’t know what was up," she said.

After meeting with Northern Westchester Hospital's Dr. David Yasgur, Maureen received startling news. "I was told my hips were bone on bone and I needed hip replacement surgery immediately," she said.

After undergoing a “multi modal” surgical strategy which utilizes anti-inflammatory, nerve calming medicine and nerve blocks, Maureen was able to start her physical therapy within hours of surgery, rather than waiting to go through a lengthy rehabilitation process. 

"Ninety days after hip replacement surgery, I’m back to full range of motion, flexibility and I’m real happy," she said.

Perhaps most of all, what left the biggest impression on Maureen was the personalized care she received from every member of the NWH staff. "I came here to Northern Westchester and I was very impressed," she said. "When you need assistance, this where you go. I was treated as a person, not just a patient at Northern Westchester Hospital."  

Watch Maureen's story in the video above.

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