Changing Lives For The Better: Dr. Marshal D. Peris Of Northern Westchester Hospital

While any surgery may prove to be difficult, spinal surgery can be especially tricky—which is why you need a reliable surgeon. Better yet, someone who respects you, listens to you, and genuinely cares. Dr. Marshal D. Peris is that surgeon.

Ed could barely contain his emotion as he hugged Dr. Peris, the doctor he calls “one of [his] favorite people.” Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

Is it a coincidence that Dr. Peris has the intials M.D. in his name? Not if you ask him—or his patients. The Co-Director of Spine Surgery at the Orthopedic & Spine Institute at Northern Westchester Hospital says there’s nothing better than getting big hugs from patients and hearing how he's alleviated their pain and helped them get their lives back. And he tends to hear that a lot.

Take the case of Rich, who came to Dr. Peris for a second opinion but ended up choosing him as his doctor.

“I couldn’t even walk to the mailbox,” he said about his back pain. “Dr. Peris was so good and thoughtful. I’m amazed it could be taken care of so easily.”

Ed, pictured above, agrees with Rich’s assessment and praises Dr. Peris’ warm demeanor.

“My life has changed so much,” he said. “I think about how great I feel everyday. Dr. Peris is one of my favorite people.”

Another patient, Denise, was hit with sudden, excruciating and unexplained pain during a vacation that felt like a dagger constantly being stabbed through her neck. As a physical therapist who has worked with spinal patients for 15 years, she know Dr. Peris was the right doctor to help her. She immediately made an appointment with him upon her return home.

“I know he’s the best,” Denise said. “Any of my patients that worked with Dr. Peris always had great outcomes. Undoubtedly I wanted my surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital.”

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