Age Is Just A Number, Thanks To Partial Joint Replacement Surgery

Barbara isn't your typical 70 year old.

Barbara didn't want to let knee pain slow her down. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

While most people her age are slowing down, taking the elevator over the stairs and opting for a quiet night in, the Westchester resident is ready for adventure as usual. That's why her nagging knee pain presented such a problem.

"I went to Dr. David Yasgur because I had a pain in my knee and was unable to do the things I like to do, like hike with my daughter," said Barbara, who is also a swimmer, biker and kayaker. "He suggested that I have partial knee replacement surgery, [and] the surgery went extremely well."

Thanks to Northern Westchester Hospital's minimally invasive approach to partial knee replacement, recovery times are significantly shorter than in traditional procedures. In fact, Barbara found herself moving around her home with ease less than 48 hours after undergoing the operation.

"I had prepared a bedroom on the first floor so I wouldn’t have to climb stairs," she said. "I did spend one night downstairs in that bedroom. By the second night I was going up and down the stairs easily. I think six weeks after surgery I was off hiking in the mountains of California. And we’ve been hiking since and biking since." 

Barbara isn't the only one with positive feelings about Northern Westchester Hospital and its staff. For the past two years, US News and World Report has praised the "high performing hospital" in the areas of knee replacement and orthopedics.

To hear Barbara's full story, watch the video above.

For more information about knee surgery visit Northern Westchester Hospital's website.