FIT Graduate Brings Artistic Expertise To Real Estate

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. -- From a jewelry design major at the Fashion Institute of Technology to real estate broker in Fairfield and Westchester counties, Joan Keating of William Raveis Real Estate, underwent an interesting career journey. 

Joan Keating and real estate salesperson, Brian Sheerin of William Raveis Real Estate.
Joan Keating and real estate salesperson, Brian Sheerin of William Raveis Real Estate. Photo Credit: Ken Sobel

Before starting her career in real estate, Keating graduated from FIT, where she specialized in jewelry design. After 15 years of working in various art and film positions in New York City, Keating brought her artistic expertise to the real estate market. 

"There are many parallels between art design and home remodeling," said Keating, who has been specializing in renovating and selling homes since 1997. "You need the right materials that are cost-effective, lots of patience and an eye for trends."

Keating has personally rebuilt and renovated three homes locally and has worked with builders, contractors and owners on finding and selling projects. "I always think of what the buyer is going to like before I follow through with a remodeling decision," said Keating. "Something as simple as the color of the walls in the bathroom can sway a homebuyer."

According to Keating, the most important rooms to homebuyers are the kitchen, master bedroom and master bathroom. "In addition to the three main rooms in the house, really good floors are important," said Keating. "Much like the way a good pair of shoes makes an outfit, good floors make the house."

Thanks to her unique background in the arts, Keating brings a perspective not often seen in local real estate brokerage.  "When I began doing this, I quickly learned that rebuilding or remodeling is not for everyone," said Keating. "Although if you're willing to remodel and suffer through it and keep an eye on the material and money you're using, it can be a way to improve your real estate investment," said Keating. 

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