Pound Ridge Partnership Tackles Dumpster Issue

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – Responding to complaints from the business community and residents, the Pound Ridge Partnership is conducting a study of garbage Dumpsters in the parking district of Scotts Corners and is investigating whether they’re being maintained according to town codes.

Ali Boak, founder and board member of the partnership, said the Dumpsters have become an aesthetic concern.

"The issue of Dumpsters was raised at the very first meeting the Pound Ridge Partnership held back in March 2010,” Boak said. “Complaints included Dumpsters not being placed in enclosures, Dumpsters placed in sites where they were highly visible from the main road, and sidewalks, garbage often overflowing and strewn around the ground and existing Dumpster enclosures that are not well maintained or painted.”

Town code requires that Dumpsters and such receptacles be hidden from view by some type of enclosure.

“Only four of the numerous Dumpsters found in the parking areas by the commercial buildings are hidden from view in any kind of enclosure…and this represents a minimal compliance at best with the town code requirements for concealing refuse,” said Dennis Mele, an architect and chair of the Pound Ridge Partnership’s Architectural Committee that is spearheading the study.

Boak said that the aim of the study, entitled “Parking District Dumpster Study, Scotts Corner, Pound Ridge Business District,” is three fold. First, it will examine the extent to which the number and size of dumpsters is meeting the needs of exiting businesses in the Scotts Corners/Pound Ridge business district. This will be accomplished through a survey that the partnership is distributing to business owners located within the parking district.  

Second, the study will examine existing dumpster locations and aesthetics. Third, the study will make recommendations as to how to organize and clean up the dumpster situation. Boak said the recommendations will be for anyone who is interested in transforming the business district.

“Tackling the Dumpsters is no small task,” said Charles Guiliani, Pound Ridge Partnership board member and owner of Salon Perri. “But it is an important piece of beautifying and cleaning up the business district.”

The partnership hopes to complete the study by the end of May.


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