Opinion: Pound Ridge Political Shenanigans

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. -- In early July, my first Daily Voice opinion piece resulted in a few interesting comments. Some were good and some critical, including two made by a local Republican who accused me of not only being a Democratic Party hack but also being several females who made some of the more positive comments.

After that first opinion piece, I reached out to both parties in order to speak with the candidates to see where they stand on local issues. The Republican candidate for supervisor, Dick Lyman, was the first to respond and made the effort to meet with me. Until I am able to interview both sides with the same questions, I will hold off on publishing any one interview until a couple of weeks before the election.

As for the Democrats, several attempts were made to contact them at which time my editor received an e-mail from their chairperson. The response was “He's left another message and we are not comfortable with him interviewing or reporting about a neighbor with whom he has a dispute or who has filed a police report against him.”

When I contacted Chief Ryan at the Pound Ridge Police Department and asked about any report being filed about me, he advised there was none.

Lies and distorted facts may be the way to go when running a campaign on a national level. For issues that directly impact our town, the people of Pound Ridge deserve better.

My advice to local political operatives is if you are going to be involved with what is referred to in the business as tradecraft, you really need to try something new. Otherwise, that thing you see up ahead is no sign post… it’s an iceberg.

Such shenanigans remind me of a dictator I recall who claimed he never received the memo saying that being an elitist had its drawbacks. While being shown the door, his last words were “Give me MTV or give me death." While the people of that impoverished country soon received many creature comforts courtesy of Uncle Sam, sad to say, cable TV was not one of them.

In the meantime, for anyone involved with the upcoming election who I have not yet interviewed, you know where to find me.

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