Opinion: Affordable Housing in Pound Ridge – What an Idea

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. -- Does society have an obligation to provide affordable housing for those who need it? I believe it does. Should taxpayers each provide a few dimes and nickels annually to pay for it? I believe we should. Does our Government or any group have the right to dictate terms as to where it should be available? Absolutely not.

Photo Credit: Contributed by Laurance Baschkin

The lawsuit filed against Westchester County over this issue was based on some obscure 19th century law. As far as I am concerned, it could have been over war reparations from the Battle of Little Big Horn.

If the issue is so important for local politicians to satisfy their elitist handlers, they should lead by example and have these projects built next door to their own property. In Pound Ridge, several affordable units have already been built and in proportion to adding more, enough is enough.

As Washington is serious about going after millions of dollars previously handed out to the states to promote affordable housing, they should take it up with Albany rather than the citizens of towns such as ours. And if the administration is against racial profiling, then why use it to determine who should be living where?

As a couple of nearby towns have maintained substantial over-development or what I refer to as suburban manure, maybe they should rub shoulders with the elitists to promote more affordable housing in their communities.

While the debate for more affordable housing continues in Pound Ridge, has anyone bothered telling potential new residents they best have pre-arranged transportation? Last time I checked, the nearest bus stop was two miles down the road in Stamford. Maybe proponents should also ask the Bee-Line bus system to set up a few stops in our quiet town.

If there is justification for more affordable housing in our community, it should be to help senior citizens who have lived here most of their lives and who can no longer afford to maintain their homes.

In writing this opinion, several attempts were made to contact the Pound Ridge Democratic Committee for their view on the issue. No response was received.

Laurance Baschkin is a resident of Pound Ridge.

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