Letter: My Opinion For The Pound Ridge Election

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. -- Several years ago there was a pesticide spill which caused a wake-up call. That incident affected my water and was likely the cause of death for three of my pets due to kidney failure. While my family has moved on from that tragedy, it was taken up in this election by adding insult to injury.

Winners in Tuesday's election will be frequent visitors to the Pound Ridge Town House.
Winners in Tuesday's election will be frequent visitors to the Pound Ridge Town House. Photo Credit: Contributed by Robert Paul

The Pound Ridge Democratic Committee recently used an image of the golf course as if touting an attraction. As part of her NYLCV questionnaire, Ali Boak has played out the incident by associating it to Dick Lyman. While he is employed by the golf course owner, when that image appeared on its website, the PRDC lost credibility.

When I started contributing to the Daily Voice, I reached out to see where the candidates stand on issues. The Republicans were receptive to share their views whereas the Democrats were not. Should residents assume this is how Ms. Boak intends to treat them if she is elected? On Affordable Housing, the PRDC again refused to provide me with their views. They took hold of this issue and used the hardship of outsiders to advance a political agenda. The only positive issue Ms. Boak is connected to is TEP. While something to consider, there are more pressing issues to address such as infrastructure.

Ms. Boak has offered several good ideas to improve our community. While her message is clear, she is unwilling to comply with regulations over a conflict of interest. As a result, she conveys blame for not grasping her vision. The fact she was not available for being sworn in two years ago has some residents asking how serious she is about commitment.

Mr. Lyman retains the fact he is “from” Pound Ridge. His record implies how he intends to maintain our town's stability for generations to follow. At the recent candidates forum, Peter Avellino (R) was as flat as a pancake which is one reason why I requested to meet the candidates. When I interviewed Peter, his views were articulate and informative. When Dan Paschkes (D) presented his credentials, the disclosure of serving 10 years on the Board contradicted Ms. Boak’s statement of nothing gets done for years if not decades. If her position is to be out with the old and in with the new, it is apparent she tossed her candidate under a bus.

Sherene DePalma (D) and her approach on the issues appeared sincere and among her slate she is the best in presentation. However, her comments turned into political fluff when she stated that as a Democrat she is fiscally conservative, resulting in several groans from the audience.

A candidate who made her case was Bonnie Schwartz (R). Being new to politics, she has the vision of a seasoned leader.

For Town Justice, Ira Claire (D) and Sean Dweck (R), are both qualified. Mr. Dweck has better ratings yet Mr. Claire has spent more time in the trenches and was the one who knocked on more doors to introduce himself in this campaign. Therefore, these are my opinions for the 2013 elections: Town Board Supervisor: Lyman (R) Town Board Members: Avellino (R) and Schwartz (R) Town Justice: Claire (D)

?Laurance Baschkin is a resident of Pound Ridge.

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