Dr. Watson Arrives In Pound Ridge

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – Dr. Watson is now practicing in Pound Ridge – Dr. Melissa Watson, DVM, that is. She has joined the staff of the Pound Ridge Veterinary Center and loves being there.

Dr. Melissa Watson has joined the staff at the Pound Ridge Veterinary Center.

Dr. Melissa Watson has joined the staff at the Pound Ridge Veterinary Center.

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“I always dreamed of working in a private practice,” she said. “It’s so much more intimate and the doctor-client experience is better.”

Until recently, Watson was employed by the Banfield Pet Hospital corporation, a nationwide conglomerate of more than 800 veterinary clinics. “It’s a fast-paced environment. Sometimes I saw as many as 30 patients in one day. Working in a private practice is much more of a family-style feeling.”

Watson grew up in Montreal, studied dancing as a youngster, and is equally fluent in French and English. Her sixth grade yearbook declares she wants to become a vet. The road was a little bumpy. She began by studying biology at the University of Western Ontario.

When Sasha, her golden retriever died suddenly, she became so upset she decided to go back to university and fulfill her childhood dream. She earned her veterinary degree from St. George’s University in Granada, followed by a year of clinical work at the University of Florida.

Her specialties became internal medicine and dermatology. “In Florida there were a lot of fleas, so I learned a lot about skin problems. Internal medicine is complex and involves a lot of problem solving, and I really enjoy that.”

Watson says the hardest part of veterinary medicine is watching an old dog get sick and having to put it to sleep. “Other vets say they can step out of the box, but it's especially hard for me,” she explained.

On the other hand, bringing a patient back to health is a positive experience. “I feel as though every animal is my own.” The biggest reward of all is dealing with puppies. Whenever she feels blue, she thinks of puppies and tells herself, “This is why I’m here.”

In her spare time, Watson likes to cook. “I use my grandmother’s recipes,” she explained. “Everything is healthy and fresh. One of my specialities is Kosher-style cooking.”

Furthermore, as Dr. John Watson described himself to Sherlock Holmes, “I keep a bull pup.” So does Dr. Melissa Watson, and a golden retriever as well. Her dogs are called Sephora and Maddie and it is not hard to imagine how much she enjoys them. In fact, it’s elementary.

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