Survey Reveals Americans' Favorite Vegetables By State

Sorry President George H.W. Bush, who once famously said, "I do not like broccoli," it is America's favorite vegetable according to a survey by vegetable guru Green Giant.

The United States of veggies.
The United States of veggies. Photo Credit: Green Giant

The company released the findings on Monday, June 14, from its annual survey of what veggies Americans are eating and in what part of the country.

Broccoli secured the No. 1 spot, yet again, as America's favorite vegetable, followed by carrots and corn. 

During the survey, Green Giant polled over 5,000 Americans in an open-ended survey timed with "National Eat Your Vegetable Day," on Thursday, June 17.

Additional survey findings include:

  • Broccoli hits the high marks due to the taste 100 percent of the green veggie lovers surveyed said.
  • Carrots are the most coveted vegetable on the West Coast, while the East Coast veggie lovers prefer broccoli.
  • Corn is popping compared with other years, with seven times more states selecting corn as their favorite in 2021 than in 2020. It's also the favorite vegetable among Americans ages 55-72.
  • Sadly, tomato and cucumber were noticeable favorites in 2020 that didn't make the favorites list in 2021.

And while broccoli remains the favorite once again, it might soon lose its crown to corn which increased by 500 percent from last year, while broccoli decreased by 23 percent.

The 5,366 people surveyed included consumers ages 18 to 72 who agreed to name their favorite veggie.

For a map of favorite vegetables by state, click on the second image above.

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