Ossining Spartans Swimmers Top Bedford Hills

OSSINING, N.Y. -- The Ossining Spartans got the better of Bedford Hills, outscoring the visitors 285-191 in a Northern Westchester Swim conference Division IV meet last week.

Sinceraty Alexander competes in the backstroke for the Ossining Spartans.
Sinceraty Alexander competes in the backstroke for the Ossining Spartans. Photo Credit: Kirsten Harzewski
Ossining Spartans Gabby Santana pushes a breaststroke lap.
Ossining Spartans Gabby Santana pushes a breaststroke lap. Photo Credit: Kirsten Harsewski
Ossining Spartans freestyler Kate Flynn.
Ossining Spartans freestyler Kate Flynn. Photo Credit: Kirsten Harzewski
James Carvasco does a freestyle event for the Spartans.
James Carvasco does a freestyle event for the Spartans. Photo Credit: Kirsten Harzewski
Spartans breaststroker Roy Song.
Spartans breaststroker Roy Song. Photo Credit: Kirsten Harzewski

Head Coach Mike Kane raced many new swimmers to move the Spartans to within one victory of winning the Division IV title.

“I put a lot of people in events which they don’t usually swim and told them to try their hardest,” Kane said. “(In swimming) you get out of it what you put into it. In meets like this, every point counts, and the swimmers in all age groups delivered many top three wins. I’m so pleased with everyone’s performance here. The real story is that we’re in a great position to clinch Division IV.”

Ivonne Gomez led off the convincing win with a victory in the 8-Under girls 25 meter to lead the Spartans in a near sweep of backstroke events. Orion Douglas, Stella Meyerhoeffer, Alex Carrazzone, Vlad Moise, Kate Flynn, and Nico San Martin took top honors in their age group.

Claire Ponnaiya netted second in the 14-Under 50 backstroke, as did Serafina Capasso and Mathias Gomez in the 10-Under category and Daniel Browne in the 12-Under group. Demetrios Gutierrez, Ryan Roksvold, Hailey Roksvold, and Sammy Novo also brought home points for their third place finishes in backstroke events.

Spartans Ossining placed first in six of the 10 breaststroke events. Orion Douglas’s win in the 8-Under breaststroke was followed by Gabby Santana’s victory in the 10-Under event. Sam Novo and Thomas Overacker swept the 12-Under competition.

Roy Song earned a win in the 14-Under 50 breaststroke event, finishing fast and showing strong technique and Stella Meyerhoeffer, 10, took home a first in the 18-Under event. Spartan rookies Savannah McIntyre and Tanmay Singhal each took second place in the 10-Under events. 

Claire Ponnaiya and Alex Carrazzone racked up points with their swims in the 12-Under events, as did Vlad Moise, Emma San Martin, and James Cevasco. Newbie Annabelle Kung placed third in the 8-Under event bringing home a point, as did Tara Tassio and Stuart Jacome. Hailey McIntyre and Eve Doran took fifth and sixth, respectively, in the 8-Under 25 event. Swimming in the 8-Under group, Karla Arevalo and Demetrios Gutierrez led off an Ossining roll through butterfly events. Brayan Arevalo took second behind Demetrios, and Ivonne Gomez finished after Karla. Juliet Weglarz took first in the 10-Under 25 event, with teammate Gabby Santana taking third. 

In a spectacular sweep of the 12-Under girls’ 50 butterfly, Claire Ponnaiya, Stella Meyerhoeffer, and Sam Novo took first, second, and third, respectively. Daniel Browne locked in second place in the 12-Under race. For the 14-Under girls’ group, Kate Flynn took first and James Cevasco, Thomas Overacker and Roy Song  swept the top three in the boys’ 14-Under 50 fly. Nico San Martin and Vlad Moise took first and third in the 18 & under 50-meter butterfly.

In freestyle events, the 6-Unders led off with Haley McIntyre taking second and June Salo in third. Ivonne Gomez and Orion Douglas topped the 8-Under category with Brayan Arevalo taking second and Annabelle Kung and Demetrios Gutierrez taking third.  The 10-Unders featured first-place finishers Juliet Weglarz and Ryan Roksvold and third place winners Sinceraty Alexander and Tanmay Singhal.  Hailey Roksvold and Thomas Overacker took first in the 12-Under group, with Tara Tassio and Alex Carrazzone taking second and Gabby Santana in third.  Kate Flynn clinched the 14-Under freestlye event alongside James Cevasco, with Stuart Jacome taking second. In the 18 & under category, Emma and Nico San Martin won their respective events, with Roy Song in third, for his third point-scoring event of the day. The Spartans next match-up is at Mount Pleasant Thursday, with finals and championship meets to be held the week after.

From a report by Susan de San Martin.

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