Letter To The Editor: Outhouse Is Wrong On Immigration

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Bob Outhouse
Bob Outhouse Photo Credit: File

To the editor:

No, Bob, you can’t reword your own website after it was accurately quoted and then claim your position was misquoted. In fact, the original website wording was exactly as Molly Greece described it and seems to accurately represent your views.

As you are a member in good standing and supporter of a Party that rejected any bipartisan effort to draft sensible Immigration reform and create a pathway to citizenship for illegals …..and, as an advocate for a President who suffers from severe truth deficiency and started his candidacy by labeling Mexicans as rapists and murders, I find your decrying dishonesty in politics, toxic rhetoric and divisive words as sadly amusing and misdirected.

I do not have to imagine the consequences of outrageous or irresponsible thought you seek to ascribe to Ms. Greece …. I experience it in every utterance of President Trump and from his apologists, like yourself and Rob Astorino who campaign under his banner and support the misappropriation of our town and village police officers as agents for ICE rather than working with the community to fight crime.

I’m still drying off from the crocodile tears you shed for illegal immigrants subject to poor and unsafe living conditions, excessive rents and unfair wages. Reading and rereading your website I come away with empty rhetoric but no actionable programs redressing their situation.

What does come across clearly, however, is the familiar echo of Trump’s strategy to reinforce the base by tainting undocumented immigrants with the dog whistles of rape, incest and crime,

while In fact, these immigrants are more typically law abiding, family oriented and productive, contributing much more to the system than their cost.

Catherine Borgia, among her many other legislative initiatives that have helped middle class working families in Westchester, drafted an Immigration Protection Act, supported by the majority of county legislators but vetoed by Rob Astorino, who you so proudly point to as endorsing your candidacy.

The choice is clear and actions speak far louder than your claims of misrepresentation-

Molly Greece was right and Catherine Borgia is the clear choice for Westchester!

Jay Forbes

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