Letter To The Editor: Outhouse Is Quick To Anger, Uninformed

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Bob Outhouse
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To the Editor

What supporters of illegal immigration are really supporting are; poor living conditions;

landlords charging excessive rents for poor living conditions, slave wages, child trafficking,

incest and rape. Illegal immigrants are afraid to report deplorable acts and conditions, so lets

not work to keep them ILLEGAL, I will work to help them become legal.

The above quote is direct from Robert Outhouse’s original website (he changed it after I wrote my LTE). It is from here that I quoted Mr. Outhouse in my letter to the editor published on October 25th. I assure you that my quote is both grammatically and intellectually correct and that my outrage as a citizen is real. He claims I left out a whole paragraph but I did not – I left out 13 words. Thirteen words that do not change my stance (outrage) or his point. If he had read my extended letter as published in The Gazette he would see that I agree with him concerning the awful conditions the undocumented have to deal with. The problem is he misunderstands the issue. In part, it is because Mr. Outhouse misunderstands “the other side” – the side he portrayed with a negative context when he blurted out that I was part of Indivisible – as if it is something shameful. I proudly admit to my involvement in Indivisble – a group he obviously doesn’t like.

Here’s the deal Mr. Outhouse – nobody believes in or supports illegal immigration. Nobody. And when you claim the undocumented are often victims of incest – you are claiming their family members committed those crimes against them.

Stop misrepresenting the other side and come clear on what you plan to do to help the undocumented in the community. Playing both sides doesn’t do the trick.

Robert Outhouse - quick to anger, defensive, and uninformed. Is that who you want as your representative? If I can bring forth this sort of response from a simple LTE-what might he be like on the job? How would he handle adversity from a real foe? After all, I’m just a citizen, a person who he wants to represent.

Molly Greece

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