Letter To The Editor: Condos Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes–And Then Some

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The writer of the “Letter To The Editor: Tax Fairness” uses fuzzy logic and false equivalents when stating that condominium owners do not pay their fair share of taxes because we pay only 40-60% of the assessment rate of single family homeowners. Furthermore, if the Ossining Committee for Fair Taxation also holds this view, then both the letter writer and the Committee have lost sight of some simple facts. First, the writer seems to paint condos and multi-family homes with the same brush, and misses (or ignores) an important point. Each condominium unit in a complex pays taxes on their individual units, while multi-family homes have only the owner(s) as taxpayer.

Second, the writer misunderstands, or ignores some other basic facts. Condo complexes pay for their own garbage pickup and other services that are usually provided by the town. Also, while the writer acknowledges that there may be fewer school-age children in condos, the ratio is likely far lower than the 3-4X stated. Many, probably most, condo dwellers are “empty-nesters”, singles, or families starting out that move out to single family homes once their children are school age. Moreover, the beneficial economies-of-scale from higher density housing means many more people can be served with fewer town resources.

Then there is the math. Example: If a 100 unit condo complex sits on 5 acres of land, and 1 single family home on a ¼ acre, just 20 single family homes can fit on 5 acres. That’s 100 vs 20 taxpayers on the same 5 acres! If, as the writer indicates, condos “unfairly” pay 40-60% LESS tax than single family homes, the math suggests otherwise. Condos are likely paying far MORE than their fair share, not less.

Joseph & Karen Randolla and Family  

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