Ossining Letter: Support Victoria Gearity For Mayor

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We live in age of political cynicism. People have often lost hope that a lone voice, a few dollars' contribution and their vote will make any difference. Why should they believe differently? The media tells us that PACs and superPACs are all that politicians respond to. I refuse to ascribe to that even if there is some truth to it. On a local level every dollar is connected, every voice can be heard, and every vote makes a huge difference. In our town we have two people running for mayor. The first is a man who has been in office for eight years and has had some accomplishments.

At some point even the most earnest politicians, after many years in the same office, owe too many favors, have moved away from listening to the people because they now feel they know better what their constituents need and are no longer effective. I was moved to write this letter because there has been a lot of nasty campaigning from one his lackeys. Someone who has chosen to attack the opposition with bullying and inappropriate words. I will not respond in same. I am supporting Victoria Gearity for mayor. I have the pleasure of having her for a neighbor. She has served Ossining in political office where at times she learned on the job, always kept an open mind and never lost focus that her job as an elected official is to ensure that those who elected her are heard.

Victoria is dedicated to revitalizing Ossining and listening to the businesses that want to thrive in this truly amazing community. Victoria is open to ensuring that her voice as a parent is one of the voices of many parental voices who are dedicated to a sustainable excellent educational system that we have become accustomed to. Most of all, Victoria is a much-needed change.

We know what we will get with the incumbent, and it is not how we can evolve to keep growing this diverse, complex and hopeful community. A community that needs a mayor who will listen. A community that is open to growth. Most of all a community of which she is a part of and not seen as apart from. In a world grown cynical, your vote, your few dollars and your support are all that is needed for change much-needed. The change that voting for Victoria Gearity as mayor is committed to bringing. Juliana Badescu

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