College Essay Coaching Initiative Launched In Rhinebeck

RHINEBECK, N.Y. -- Vincent Nugent, retired English teacher and owner of Nugent Productions, and a former student of his, Marybeth Cale, owner of Cale Communications in Rhinebeck, have announced the launch of an initiative designed to provide students with affordable college application essay coaching called “Crushing the College Essay”. 

Vincent Nugent
Vincent Nugent Photo Credit: Contributed

The concept developed when the two discovered overlap in their “side” businesses as college application essay coaches. The idea to create an affordable educational DVD, “Crushing the College Essay”, in addition to providing access to one-on-one phone coaching for students was born, and the two began work on production. The DVD launches this month on Amazon and on their site

“It was really serendipitous to run into my former student at her sister’s high school reunion, where we started discussing the reality of the college admissions landscape and the fact that we both wanted to do more for the students whose families could not afford to hire private consultants like us. As we talked, it became clear that developing a DVD to cover all of the tips and strategies we review during our private sessions was the answer, we could potentially reach tens of thousands of youth from all over the world who may not otherwise get the advice they need as they develop their college admissions essays. We began work on it almost immediately, motivated by that vision, and we are thrilled to have it ready for the masses,” shared Nugent. 

“As a former college admissions counselor, I know how important it is for students to craft compelling essays that capture their stories, their personalities, and help them stand out from their peers. Like Vinny, I have long worked with students as a private coach, but I wanted to do more for those who couldn’t afford the individual services of people like us, and to somehow level the college admissions playing field a bit more. Our ‘Crushing the College Essay’ DVD really gives students everything they need to develop a winning college essay, and I am delighted that we have an affordable solution for students everywhere”, continued Cale.

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