Poughkeepsie Letter: Vote For Terry Gipson For Senator

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State Sen. Terry Gipson
State Sen. Terry Gipson Photo Credit: Sam Barron

To the editor,

I am 17 years old and have special school needs. When I was 7, my teachers told my parents I would need special programs in school to support me becoming all I could be. 

I was exceptionally bright and would need advanced placement classes starting in at least the fourth grade. 

I get some special needs classes now, but they are for the mentally and physically disabled. 

You see, I have been drinking water with too much lead and chemicals like PFOAs and PCBs. 

Who will fight for me and all the children in New York–Terry Gipson will. 

Who will fight for me? I am a 27 year old with learning disabilities and mental problems. I have been given an 8-foot-by-10-foot room that costs almost $50,000 and operations costs to support and maintain it. 

I get three meals a day plus all the staffing to take care of me. The problem is it is in a new jail that I can’t leave or get the real mental health services to help me get well. 

Who will help me and the estimated 30% of other mentally ill inmates in New York? Terry Gipson will. 

We need Terry Gipson back as our senator in the 41st New York Senate District fighting for all of us in Dutchess and Putnam counties. 

Damon Crumb 


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