Letter To The Editor: Tyner Is A Full-Time Leftist Activist

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Joel Tyner
Joel Tyner Photo Credit: File

Who would give up a full time paid NYC Public school teaching career job after being elected Dutchess County Legislature, a part time Position that only pays under 20k a year currently? Does not make sense Joel! He states he is giving 110 percent of his time to this part time position? Tyner spends all of his time as a leftist activist and does NOT have time to represent Rhinebeck and Clinton in the Legislature.

We already have other young legislators who may be in some of these committees Tyner has stated and attend college currently. So why does Joel not have time to help his own future? Why spend hours a day putting his leftist activist views on his facebook page and many other blogs online daily when he could be working full time and attending College?

Joel's leftist activist views are hurting all within Rhinebeck and the Town of Clinton, including Dutchess County. I am tired of Joel's reckless behavior at these county meetings by disrupting and carrying on and on. Where is his support from his own Democrats? Where are his campaign photos with other democratic running candidates? Are they really on his Team?

Joel is a full time Leftist Activist and it has taken over his life..

Five things Tyner said about our County Leaders recently:

Disruptive and Reckless Tyner in Action below:

This is why I am voting for Joan Carbonaro for Dutchess County Legislature and the Whole Republican/Conservative team. ... We cannot allow Joel to disrupt another year with his Leftist Views and Activism. Please help by voting him out of office this Nov 7th..

Why Joan is Running:

Bill Gannon

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