Pleasant Valley Woman Stars On New Reality TV Show

Annelise Vasti's passion for drum corps might make her the next reality TV star.

Annelise Vasti
Annelise Vasti Photo Credit: Contributed
Annelise Vasti
Annelise Vasti Photo Credit: Fuse

Vasti, a Dutchess County resident, is a cast member of "Clash of the Corps" which airs on Fuse Wednesdays at 11 p.m. and is produced by Dwayne Johnson.

The series immerses you in the competitive, Olympics-like world of Drum Corps International and follows long-time rivals the Cadets and the Blue Devils as they prepare for the world championships in Indiana, which were held on August. 

Vasti, who lives in Pleasant Valley, is one of the Color Guard members on the Cadets, who are 10-time Drum Corps International Champions and will be featured heavily on Wednesday's episode.  

The Pleasant Valley resident got started doing drum corps in high school because she wanted to march with the other girls. After graduation, she initially went to Dutchess Community College so she could continue marching with her color guard. 

When she went to audition to be on the Cadets, Vasti, who currently attends Syracuse, had no idea she'd be trying out for a reality TV show. She said she was excited when she got the part and found the experience interesting.

"They made sure they weren't bothering us from doing our job," Vasti said. "Every often we would talk to them, but they basically were filming us doing our thing."

Being in drum corps teaches important life lessons, Vasti said.

"If I can get through a summer of drum corps, I can get through anything," Vasti said. "I have friends complaining when it's raining outside, but it's really not that bad. You don't even notice it. It really helps you push yourself and develop a work ethic. Drum corps has become such a big part of my life.

At Syracuse, Vasti doesn't have a TV and watches the shows the next morning. The first time she appeared on the show, her phone suddenly blew up.

"People were sending me clips of SnapChat, I had friends messaging me on Facebook and sending me the link," Vasti said. 

Vasti's family back in Pleasant Valley watches on Wednesdays and she always has to caution her mom against spoilers. 

"She's always Facetiming me and giving me the play by play," Vasti said. 

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