Tornado: Details Released On Strong Twister With 115 MPH Winds That Hit Region

Detailed information has now been released about a tornado that touched down in New York during a round of isolated, severe thunderstorms over the weekend.

The area (at left) where the twister touched down; a file photo of a tornado.
The area (at left) where the twister touched down; a file photo of a tornado. Photo Credit: Google Maps/

The twister tore through an area in the Catskills, in northwestern Sullivan County, at around nightfall Saturday.

The tornado, with peak winds of 115 miles per hour, ranked as an EF2 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale or EF Scale, the National Weather Service said.

It touched down at around 6:38 p.m. Saturday, April 22, and had a path length of 9.95 miles and a path width of 300 yards.

No fatalities and no injuries were reported as a result of the twister.

It touched down in the northern part of the small Sullivan County village of Jeffersonville, which has a population of around 400, along Callicoon Center Road near Laundry Brook, damaging trees.

According to the National Weather Service's survey findings, the tornado then moved north, passing through a roadless area between Sander Road and Wahl Road before crossing Hessinger and Lare Road, snapping several trees and causing minor structural damage.

It then crossed John Dietz Road, producing a large blowdown of hardwood trees and damaging skylights in a nearby residence.

"The worst damage, particularly to structures, occurred on a farm and nearby residence on either side of Hahn Road," the National Weather Service said. "Severe damage to historic barns, a garage, and outbuildings occurred.

"A 180-foot truss tower collapses, completely bending into three sections."

A nearby house received what the survey described as "seemingly minor damage," but noted that "frame damage may have occurred as interior walls were reportedly cracked, and doors unable to close."

A large blowdown of mixed trees also occurred in that area.

The twister then continued farther north, causing another hardwood blowdown off of Gulf Road, with mostly tree damage along nearby Dutch Hill Road.

It then passed through the hamlet of Roscoe, with more sporadic uprooted trees, and lifted as it moved into the Sullivan County town of Rockland, which has a population of around 3,300, and where the tornado's path ended.

The EF scale classifies tornadoes into six categories:

  • EF0 - Weak, winds of 65 to 85 mph
  • EF1 - Weak, winds of 86 to 110 mph
  • EF2 - Strong, winds of 111 to 135 mph
  • EF3 - Strong, winds of 136 to 165 mph
  • EF4 - Violent, winds. of 166 to 200 mph
  • EF5 - Violent, winds of more than 200 mph

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